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Training and caring for thoroughbreds requires an attention to detail that goes beyond the horse.

At KniGGhts we provide accounts, administrative and marketing assistance to thoroughbred racehorse trainers and industry service providers so that they are free to focus more of their time and energy on their core role. Caring for the horse.

We currently have clients Australia wide. Our platform is based on allowing our clients to focus on their core strengths without getting bogged down day to day, dealing with the financial, administrative and marketing components of their business. The costs involved in racing horses demand that trainers run their business as efficiently as possible.

In such a competitive industry, new owners are gravitating to trainers and racing businesses that offer the complete package. Slow payers and bad debt have a crippling domino effect on the racing industry. However, some businesses can contribute to this problem by not focusing hard enough on the steps they can put in place to reduce and even eradicate this widespread problem.

At KniGGhts we have the skills and we’ve invested in the business technologies that will allow us to put these steps in place for any trainer or racing business. There are many reasons why one trainer, stud farm or vet can scale the heights that this industry places before them while another struggles - however you won’t find any business that has had sustained success, despite having poor business practices.

At KniGGhts we know what makes racing businesses succeed. We also know what makes them fail.

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